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CodeSharkE is a Hybrid G-code programming/editing/communications tool for your shop. CodesharkE  provides a set of tools to ease the task of CNC G-code generation. CodeSharkE is affordable for machinists and multiple seat discounts make it economical for machine shops as well.

Features included:

-Background send and receive at up to 115200 baud rate.
-Unlimited CNC's supported.
CNC Drip-feed
Multi-threaded communications with test terminal included.
All Machine configurations saved to a single file for easy transfer.

G-code Wizards
G-code wizards speed programming and repetitive tasks by creating g-code cycles for you. Wizards import and fill in G-code templates that are easily modifiable. Create your own templates or modify the existing ones. Maintain multiple templates for different controls and switch between them on the fly.
The supplied wizards include:
Tool Start
Drill Start
Pocket Milling
Thread Milling

Serial Number Engraving
Create your own templates that are automatically added and available to use in your programs.

Speed and Feed Calculator
Integrated Speed and feed calculator is unique in it's ability to calculate values on the fly as you enter data. Calculates, Rpm,Sfm,Imp,Ipf,Ipr.
Also works in Metric mode.

Trig Calculator
Integrated Trig calculator with right and oblique triangles, easy to use graphical interface makes calculations a snap.

Unit Conversion
Unit Conversion calculator and entire program conversion between inch and metric units are included.

Serial Number Engraving
Engrave serial numbers on your parts with the Serializing Wizard. Select the numbers to engrave, the height, depth,position and spacing and the code is automatically created for you.
You can now engrave letters as well as numbers.


Current Version
Note: The software requires a Registration Code for Demo mode operation.  Until registered, the software will operate in "Edit Mode Only". To request a Demo Registration Code, install the software, then from the Menu Bar select Help -> Install Codes and follow the instructions on the form.

Edit Features
Unlimited Undo/Redo.
Unlimited File Size.
Advanced Search and Replace.
Hotkeys for Start, End of file and Next Tool.
Insert file
Re-load file
Cut,Copy,Paste with Drag and Drop support.
Remove Spaces.
Axis Limits Reporting.
Line Number Removal and Addition.
Tool Renumbering
Selective Printing (print only the code that you have selected).
4th Axis Adjust
Sub Merge
Program Format
File Compare plug-in
Dual Editor

Purchase info
CodeSharkE (Single License) is $49 (USD).
Volume Discounts:
 2 Seats $37.50 / seat.
 3 Seats $30.00 / seat.
 4 Seats $26.50 / seat.
 5 - 9 Seats $23.50 / seat.
10 Seats $20.00 / seat.

CodeSharkE comes with lifetime free e-mail support and one year version upgrades. All prices are in US dollars and subject to change without notice.

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